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Tesla Model 3 long term UK Review

Is it difficult to switch from petrol or diesel to an electric car? Well after over 8,000 miles in...

December and full year 2020 UK car sales report –

The UK ended 2020 with a bit of a bang for EV sales with December 2020 sales 4.4 times what they...

Getting local EV Public Charging right – Part 3 Is it unusable?

In part 1 we looked at how important it is to get the cost of public charging right. In part 2 we...

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It’s time for electric cars running on clean energy, not polluting pistons & fossils. We have tips and advice on the website and on the @myurbancar twitter feed which can be viewed below

If you have any questions to help your transition to an electric car or van drop us a line on twitter

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MyUrbanCar twitter feed gives you regular updates on the latest news and reviews for electric and plugin cars and vans in the UK. You can see the latest ones here even if you aren’t on Twitter

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Our @rivergecko twitter feed includes some of the UK electric car news but is also Clean Tech – Climate change Tech – EVs – Renewable Energy including wind and solar – clean trains and boats...

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