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#Tesla offer a fresh round of 🇬🇧 price cuts for new cars in stock to boost Q1 sales up to 31st march
Model 3 RWD £38,790 or Long Range £45,990
Model Y RWD £42,350 or Long Range £50,900
+free Supercharger for existing owners buying another Tesla & referrals to friends are back

Our new buyers guide is out for UK electric cars under £40k RRP.

The new “MyUrbanCar would pay” price is what we think other Models should be priced at in 2023 to offer remotely similar value to the MG4 or Tesla Model 3

Currently bowling around in this VW ID Buzz. Not had one before, and I really rather like it. Getting about 220miles of real-world range (10 degrees out), and there’s plenty of space, plus pretty comfy. If you’re going to MPV, then minivans just… work. Can’t help feeling…

Tesla ratchets up the squeeze on electric & piston competitors
A fully equipped RWD Tesla Model 3 now costs roughly the same as in 2019 when UK grants were offered
Lowest price is when ordering from stock
NB updated Model 3 due later this yr. Current Model lacks parking sensors

REVEALED: The new Hyundai Kona is here - and it’s has gone ‘upscale’, thanks to an EV-first design focus. We’ve had an up-close look ⚡️🚗

Read all about it! Nightmare 627 mile journey for family going from London to the Eden project in Cornwall in an #ElectricCar facing
“Cold weather”
“#EV Battery degradation”
“Queues for unreliable chargers”
“Hear about the butt clenching range anxiety”

@searlsthomas @kate_tyrrell @rivergecko @MotionEorg @humphbecket Part of the issue is that during supply constrained, 2022 many brands pushed UK EV pricing up by around £7-8k
Eg ID3 (after grant) started at £28.670 now £36.5k
How long before other brands have to roll back prices to sell v MG4 & Tesla M3 (better equipped & available in volume)

@searlsthomas @kate_tyrrell @rivergecko @MotionEorg @humphbecket You are correct but that wasn’t the question
The question is relative value to an MG4. How much more would you pay for Cupra
Space charging speed & range are all about the same
Main difference is interior quality, noise level & maybe handling
So how much more is a Cupra worth?

@CraigCRogers @lee_marshall @kate_tyrrell @rivergecko @MotionEorg @humphbecket The average travel distance numbers are right but pretty irrelevant if you ever do long journeys
On longer trips you’ll mostly charge between 10-80% so 215+ miles range hits sweet spot of 3hrs /150 miles between charge stops
We recommend charging 2x battery size for quick charges

@rstubbs1979 @kate_tyrrell @rivergecko @MotionEorg @humphbecket The Mini is a lovely car in terms of quality & handling but it’s an awful EV to travel far in with tiny battery & slow charging
Eg EVDB range/charging max
Mini 110 miles/ +77 miles in 29mins
Fiat 500 145 miles/ +101 miles in 25 mins
MG4 LR 225 miles/ +160 miles in 31 mins

@searlsthomas @kate_tyrrell @rivergecko @MotionEorg @humphbecket You’re absolutely right. Since the Tesla price cut the MG4, Tesla Model 3 43k & Y 45k are the key price yardsticks other EV prices should be compared to
Eg a Mini, Fiat 500 or Honda-e for more than a £29k long range MG4 SE is a nonsense. But how much is a base Cupra worth? 33k?

A 10p per kWh cut to 69p is a welcome step in the right direction but further falls needed
On current fuel costs we reckon EV charging parity for an equivalent sized petrol car would be 54p/ kWh and with a diesel 64p/kWh

A 10p per kWh cut to 69p is a welcome step in the right direction but further falls needed
On current fuel costs we reckon EV charging parity for an equivalent sized petrol car would be 54p/ kWh and with a diesel 64p/kWh

Pleased to hear that @bppulseuk reducing their prices this month for public charging.

@richardaucock @WattsUp @GRIDSERVE_HQ As per article we’d also give single Gridserve 60kW chargers on motorways a wide berth
Even when working and unoccupied they’re too slow for modern EVs if you want to charge a battery bigger than a duracell bunny & can be even slower when charging both bays. Stick to their hubs👍

@richardaucock We’d recommend @WattsUp
Only shows DC chargers and the map icons let you see the network
There isn’t much between MK and Rugby moto services until, a new @GRIDSERVE_HQ hub near Northampton arrives but even a Honda e should manage that

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