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For £10.99 a month non Tesla’s electric cars can use these Superchargers for 35p per kWh (as long as the socket can be reached with a Tesla cable)
Or 49pm other than in the 4pm-8pm peak without subscription
Most public networks cost over 70p
#EV charging

@ElectrekCo @SCOOTERDOLL “I can’t help but feel as if I’m sharing news of a brand new DVD player in the age of streaming. “

Well said. This would’ve been a cool car — last century. #Toyota would’ve been better served if they’d ditched the gas tank, transmission, and engine, then quadrupled the battery.

Audi has updated its e-tron, giving it a new name: Q8 e-tron, bigger battery option of 106kWh and increased WLTP range of 343 miles. DC rapid charging speeds also raised to 170kW for the top model. Prices TBA.

Full details here:

Fuel versus Charging comparison
2 takeaways are:
1)If you want the best value charging in UK go to #Scotland  where you can still DC charge at 50kW (time 2admire the scenery) at 30p per kWH
2)If you live in Scotland & don’t drive an EV you are not canny!

A new 🦇 update of our “Fuel versus EV Charging costs comparison
Average cost in our basket is 61.1p per kWh which is 60% up on last year
We have grouped networks in Bands with “E” the most expensive which we estimate always costs more than fuel

Lotus has announced price and performance details for its new Eletre SUV. And it's great news (if your budget is £90k and you want a minimum of 600bhp).
⚡️ 603 or 905bhp
⚡️ 112kWh battery
⚡️ Up to 373 miles WLTP range
⚡️ £89k - £120k

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The @MyUrbanCar twitter feed is a source of news & reviews of electric & plugin cars and vans in the UK.
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