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Can Trump get any more dangerous to democracy & his GOP supporters get any dumber?
Like a kid who wants his primary school closed down because he still doesn’t accept he lost the egg & spoon race 30 years earlier, Trump wants to abolish the US constitution because he lost

Very happy 190th birthday to the wonderful Jonathan - St Helena's giant tortoise, who is the world’s oldest known land animal. The UK's Overseas Territories are custodians of extraordinary and unique biodiversity. @StHelenaGovt @GO_ASHT

An insane photo from Kharkiv, Ukraine today. Two police officers looking at a fragment pile of Russian rockets that hit Ukraine's second largest city. h/t @alexbakus #Kharkiv #Ukraine️ #ArmUkraineNow #RussianWarCrimes

The Brexit dream is dead. There are no trade partners out there desperately seeking to do business with the UK. We are too small & far too far away.

Brexiteers should swallow their pride, stand aside ASAP & let the pragmatists do their best to rebuild bridges with the EU.

Paperwork that goes with a single delivery of goods from the UK to Poland post-Brexit. 17 bits of paper when before Brexit, all that was needed was one - the invoice. Why should any EU importer buy from the UK when they can buy hassle-free from the single market?

Brexit is daft.

@GrahamCockroft @GinnyBuckley @ElecHighway @bppulseuk @InstaVoltUK @Mark_J_Harper @ElectrifyingCom @transportgovuk @GRIDSERVE_HQ @raymasseytweets @AAPresident @Jesse_Norman Think someone recommended a Moto Rugby, i concur. Sadly no Tesla chargers for non Teslas on your route up M1 yet. Prices from major UK DC charging networks are now well above petrol & even diesels unless you have a manufacturer discount
Charging guide here

@Dragon2611 @GinnyBuckley @ElecHighway @bppulseuk @InstaVoltUK @Mark_J_Harper @ElectrifyingCom @transportgovuk @GRIDSERVE_HQ @raymasseytweets @AAPresident @Jesse_Norman Yes motorway BKs are expensive..often have dry buns too!

@LincolnshireMan @GinnyBuckley @GrahamCockroft @ElecHighway @bppulseuk @InstaVoltUK @Mark_J_Harper @ElectrifyingCom @transportgovuk @GRIDSERVE_HQ @raymasseytweets @AAPresident @Jesse_Norman Indeed. In summer congestion is your friend efficiency wise on the route south but I’m guessing this time of year could be a steady 85mph. Hope you’re enjoying MG4..can’t wait to try one
Do wish the lighter interior or sunroof was a UK option tho

@LincolnshireMan @GinnyBuckley @GrahamCockroft @ElecHighway @bppulseuk @InstaVoltUK @Mark_J_Harper @ElectrifyingCom @transportgovuk @GRIDSERVE_HQ @raymasseytweets @AAPresident @Jesse_Norman I would add the Tesla app for that
A higher proportion of French superchargers are open to non Tesla’s
Newer ones 250kW often in hypermarket cars park
A fair number let u drive thru a stall so even Taycans can use them
winter efficiency at French motorway limit wont be great!

@GinnyBuckley @ElecHighway @bppulseuk @InstaVoltUK @Mark_J_Harper @ElectrifyingCom @transportgovuk @GRIDSERVE_HQ @raymasseytweets @AAPresident @Jesse_Norman Not sure Keele is very useful when it’s working either. On their best day without a car sharing the supply those replacement electric highway units only manage 60kW
Hubs are brilliant but normal units are useless on a long trip unless you’re stopping for a 3 course burger king!

So in a nutshell these new cars will leave owners struggling to avoid bumps & scrapes and even small dogs in even the most basic parking manoeuvres
All because Tesla chose to remove before any replacement is ready. Customers will resent every day of delay
@elonmusk @TeslaOwnersUK

Your thoughts on the new Quicksilver colour, will it be your next Tesla colour? Only available in Europe and the Middle East (UK hopefully soon).

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