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Our @rivergecko twitter feed includes some of the UK electric car news but is also Clean Tech – Climate change Tech – EVs – Renewable Energy including wind and solar – clean trains and boats – air pollution – divesting from fossil fuels

You can regulate a pregnant body but not a coal plant. You can control the free speech of a teacher but not the money-as-speech of a corporation. You can coerce a child to pray in school but you can’t keep guns out of their classroom. What a world this Supreme Court is making.

@TomBirch91 @iyke_EV True but after some encouragement by me, @wandbc is doing a trial of selected lamp posts having a dedicated “EV only while charging” bay
Just 1 of the 4 posts in my street has a bay which is enough for now & lets it charge several EVs every day
esp useful for visiting #EV drivers

🧵Every year, bp publishes its Statistical Review of World Energy. Every year, there are some striking findings. Here are four, charted.
1. Renewable generation is now 13% of global electricity generation (passed 10% in 2019)

#Ioniq6 is finally revealed in production form in link
The trouble is, in pictures at least, it seems to struggle to match the fab Ioniq Prophesy concept that preceded it-pics below
Will it look special or disappointing on the road? Time will tell

@alex_avoigt In fairness perhaps it’s easier for Elon to add 10,000 followers when he isn’t tweeting🤣
There are many things to do with Tesla and SpaceX and the future of our planet that gain him respect & followers.. and equally most other topics where he loses them

Legal Discovery stage is coming, where inner workings of the Murdoch Fox empire will be revealed
Did they knowingly allow false allegations about the voting machines to be spread by their broadly pro Putin news service, Fox News, in order to discredit the US election vote?🤔

Biz sec @KwasiKwarteng under questioning from @charlotte2153 as to why Govt did not speak with EDF about extending Hinkley Point B in face of growing energy crisis says reactor was too old.

"It's about health and safety," he says.

But crucially, EDF thought it was feasible.

#HeatPumps: the facts

An evidence-based summary of key info you need to know about the #NetZero home heating technology.

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David Nicholson

David Nicholson Is the founder of Rivergecko Ltd & MyUrbanCar which provide consultancy and advice for drivers and fleets to speed the transition from dirty fossil fuel transport to clean vehicles powered by renewable energy on land water and air.

The @MyUrbanCar twitter feed is a source of news & reviews of electric & plugin cars and vans in the UK.
The @rivergecko twitter feed & websites bring news and opinion on cleantech transport including cars, vans, buses, trucks, shipping, rail & aviation as well as autonomous vehicles & renewable energy, air pollution & motor industry news.

David Nicholson has worked as an underwriter at Lloyd's of London since the 1980's. His interest in technology goes back many years including interactive mapping, apps, green tech, boats, solar and cars.