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The new Polestar 3 will be priced from £79,845 when order books open next month. The large SUV will feature a 107kWh battery and a range of up to 380 miles. Launch line-up will consist of a Long Range and a Performance variant.

Since the Government announced a cap to lower the price of electricity to businesses we should see some falls from peak EV charging prices
Please let me know as announcements are made..esp if over 60p per kWh now
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A few days ago Tesla dropped UK owners an email about increased charging costs
As a Tesla owner to owners of other brands- yes we now feel your pain with Superchargers now fixed at a national price of 67p, just 2p under Ionity!
exceptions are a few in LDN

It is not a big surprise. At current prices petrol is up 30.5%, diesel is up 39.6% and public electric car charging is up 100.2% since the start of 2021
The government needs to get a grip on how wholesale electricity prices are set. Not subsidy.. just a functional market

Charging survey update
There was blowback in some quarters at suggestions in the press that DC electric car public charging was now more expensive than petrol & diesel
It gives us no pleasure to confirm more networks have passed that measure.. and why

This isn’t an electricity crisis it’s a gas crisis. Putin’s illegal war has spiked global gas prices. We need to decouple electricity prices from gas as soon as possible. And don’t tell me its complicated. Find a way.

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