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Best UK Electric cars in every price range in 2022

Define Best?

Electric cars are better in almost every way than old combustion engine cars but as in any market there are some lemons to avoid if you want the best experience. Our regularly updated summary of reviews gives you the key information you need for sort the good, the bad and the ugly

Our recommendations all deliver

  • Decent real world range in their price point. We use EVDB estimates that are more realistic than official WLTP range
  • Quick charging speeds ( we use the 10% to 80% charge times predicted by EVDB)
  • One thing to bear in mind in your search is delivery times. EV sales are climbing rapidly and carmakers are struggling to meet demand for a host of reasons we detail here. While we hope this will improve towards the end of the year, currently
  • Remember some example video reviews in on screen boxes may not list current prices as many have soared in 2022 and all UK grants for electric cars have now been scrapped

We’ve done a big update to put EV’s back in the right price ranges after the end of UK grants and big price rises

Under £20,000

The cheapest EV (technically a quadricycle not a car) is the Citroen Ami which is available to order for just under £8k. It is more an urban alternative to a bike or a scooter. It does not comply with the crash safety regulations required for cars and has a top speed of just 28mph and a range of around 43 miles. One thing to note since the early reviews Citroen have confirmed the cable remains a 2 pin French domestic plug along with an included Type 2 adapter for any AC UK charger. Full details at Citroen here

In the meantime there are an increasing number of used EV’s especially Nissan Leaf’s and Renault Zoe’s. These should be reliable but short range and many older Zoe’s are saddled with expensive battery lease payments. Although Renault will cover battery replacement when needed this only really matters when over 7 years old as pretty much all EV’s have a standard 7 or 8 year battery warranty anyway.


  • For a more affordable route into EVs just do the same as on a regular car and look at leasing or PCP deals. Just looking at comparison site LeaseLoco we found personal 3 yr leases with less than £2,000 deposit for under £200 a month including VAT for a
  • VW e-Up! Good small car car now rarely available & getting older but still good.
  • Fiat 500e with 24kWh or 42kWh battery – Recommended see below
  • Renault Zoe – decent range on some models but very slow AC charging & expensive optional DC charging still not quick as standard
  • Mini Electric – Great to drive.. its a Mini but they really skimped on batteries so it’s an urban city car not much good for trips

£24,000 to £30,000

  • Top Pick – MG 4 Deliveries of the all new hatchback start in September 2022 and the MG 4 is set to be a huge hit. While VW ID.3 & Renault Megane start at around £36k, the long range MG 4 delivers similar range, practicality and performance for about £7.5k less. Yes there are some scratchy plastics lower down in the cabin and the boot is not biggest but it drives and rides very well. It is well equipped including Apple Carplay / Android Auto and adaptive cruise control even on the base model. The consensus is the MG 4 competes with the best. Charging is 100kW with the smaller battery and 125kW on the larger. Against a background of rising EV prices, this MG can claim to deliver the best value electric car on sale in 2022. Lease costs look good too, made possible by strong predicted residuals. UK print publication reviews are in the grey boxes below
    £25,995 for the MG4 SE with a 51kWh battery giving 218 miles WLTP range
    £28,495 gets you an SE with 64kWh long range battery with WLTP 281 mile range
    £31,495 gets you the top spec range version also with a 64kWh battery
    MG4 51kWh EVDB range 185 miles/ 10-80% charge 37mins
    MG4 64 kWh EVDB range 225 miles/ 10-80% charge 34mins
  • Recommended Fiat 500e 42kWh battery. Lovely design inside and out and good range on bigger battery and quick charges on all versions. Not much rear room! If you just want a commuter second car the 24kWh version starts at around £24k. The Fiat was a top pick and still would be if prices had not shot up since launch.
    EVDB range 42kWh version 155 miles/ 10-80% charge 25mins / 24kWh version only 100 miles range but still 24 min charge time
  • Recommended – VW e-UP – With a sharply increased price the old VW is back on sale after being pulled because of excessive demand. Charging is slow but it’s fun to drive and a good car that benefits from 4 doors. Used these are also available branded as Skoda Citygo and Seat Mii models so go for the best value as long they are the upgraded later models with bigger battery
    EVDB range 32kWh version 125 miles/ 10-80% charge 48mins
  • Top pick – Superminis Vauxhall Corsa e and Peugeot e-208 offering 100kW charging on a 50kW battery alowing for quick charging. Both are good if not amazing. The Vauxhalls (Corsa and Mokka) got a heat pump and other changes to improve range fitted as standard. New Models may benefit from a slightly bigger battery too. Do look out for discounts, finance offers and lease deals that offer better value than outright purchase
    Video Links include the Late Brake Show comparison between Corsa-e + e-C4 + e-2008 another from 5th Gear comparing a Petrol v Electric EV Corsa – which is really cheaper? Finally Electrifying with an in depth look at the e208 after driving it for a year including what need to know about buying one used.
    The smaller models have EVDB range 175 miles/ 10-80% charge 26mins
  • Top pick – MG ZS Standard range – The ZS EV is a modern looking spacious SUV. Unfortunately the long range with improved range 273 mile WLTP range is now over £30k but the standard range is still at this price point. Competes well with ID.3 not in handling but in space, value and equipment.
    ZS EV Standard Range EVDB range 165 miles/ 10-80% charge 43mins
    ZS EV Long Range EVDB range 225 miles/ 10-80% charge 37 mins
  • Top pick – MG5 estate Long Range – a very capable all rounder and after new updates looks more modern inside and out the current car. If you don’t buy it your local minicab firm will! Decent size boot and efficiency make this an ideal value choice for heavy use.
    MG5 estate EVDB range 180 miles/ 10-80% charge 36mins

Top Pick Citroen e-C4 – Now improved value starting at under £30k (just) Working on the same running gear as the Peugeot e-208 we would take a look at the Citroen e-C4 which majors on having a smooth comfortable ride. Most electric cars prioritise handling over comfort so Citroen really is offering something unique that pairs well with a silent electric drivetrain.
A new longer 4.6m Citroen e-C4x model due to start deliveries in early 2023 launched is basically the same car with more space including a big 510 Litre conventional boot. Range and pricing should be similar to the e-C4 and the new model will only be available in fully electric form. Range is promised to be slightly better than the hatch and could be a very popular option especially with families and car services. Car Magazine have some good pictures in their report here
EVDB range 155 miles/ 10-80% charge 31mins

  • We’re on the road to nowhere Honda e and Mini electric – The familiar looking Mini handles beautifully and the Honda e is a work of art inside and out. The trouble under the skin both have tiny batteries with around 30kWh net which means in the real world they deliver 115 miles EVDB range in the Mini and only 105 in the Honda. Charging speeds are hardly cutting edge either at around 30 mins bearing in mind how little range you are adding. The result is these cars will only get get you from A to B if A & B are very close to each other! They are barely useable for long trips but are widely used as a perfect tool for media organisations wanting to spread scare stories about EV range anxiety. The Mazda MX-30 is even more ridiculous with the same limitations in a family SUV shape and specs that were competitive with EVs sold a decade ago. In July 2022 Mazda only managed to sell 36 of these cars in the UK.. and that is 36 too many. So this trio are really only suitable as an expensive second car limited to short distance commutes and school runs.
  • Oldies to Avoid – Renault Zoe – A very old EV that’s been updated. You may be tempted by the style and the range and as a second hand buy it offers good value but.. while some Zoe’s have good range they either charge slowly or very very slowly. Many models don’t have DC charging at all although it is the fastest AC charging car on sale at 22kW. Safety is another issue.. crash safety had issues and removal of safety equipment earned the Zoe a zero star NCAP safety rating in 2021. Finally some older models are still saddled with a monthly pay forever battery lease. Essentially even 2nd hand you buy the Zoe minus battery which even 2nd third or fifth owners have to pay to lease monthly. It’s an attractive car that many owners love but we would never recommend it especially as there are better options for the same money. Still interested? This video by Johnny Smith takes you through it all.. and he likes Zoe’s

£30,000 to £35,000

  • MG ZS Top pick
    2022 has most carmakers run for the exits from this price range. What you can get is this MG model that has been updated and upgraded that offer space, value and long range variants in this price range
    EVDB range 225 miles/ 10-80% charge 37mins
  • Top Pick for range
    Just squeezing under £35k the new Kia Niro EV (like its very successful predecessor) makes an excellent family car with excellent space for passengers and luggage and a much nicer interior. Charge times around 41 mins are not as quick as we like but adding 240 miles in a hour is still adequate. Do be aware on the Carwow review the price quoted is lower because they are referring to the hybrid.
    EVDB range 235 miles/ 10-80% charge 41mins
  • EV range from Peugeot, Vauxhall, Citroen
    The same mechanicals and battery as on the Corsa e and e208 are offered on some bigger models that offer more space but less range. These include the Mokka-e, e-Berlingo, Combo e-Life, e-Space tourer, Vivaro e-Life combi and e-2008. Just remember the bigger you go the less useful the range is but they should all offer charging in around 30 mins or better.
  • Due in early 2023 MG Mulan or MG4. Details are still coming in on this car but this attractive MG hatchback should offer good range and performance on an all new platform. Think of a better value and possibly better VW ID3 and you have the idea
    There are no reviews but some initial news from China is here
  • Value pick? – SsangYong Korando e-Motion Electric
    SsangYong are famous for visually challenging petrol and diesel models. Now there is a chance of this new electric Korando version arriving in UK at the end of 2022. The company is some financial flux but if it arrives it will be spacious for the money
  • Oldies to Avoid – Nissan Leaf – Would could possibly be wrong with the Leaf, the car that started mass EV adoption when it launched in 2011. Well the fact is batteries work best within a temperature range and all EV’s have some air, water or active heating or cooling to achieve this. Except the current Leaf. This means it loses more range in winter than it needs to and owners can only rapid DC charge once a day because the batteries get too hot. This product failure became known as “rapidgate”. The Leaf is also one of the last cars on sale using the Japanese Chademo charging connectors than have been replaced in Europe by CCS. Currently this is still well supported but at some point support will be canned leaving Leaf’s off the DC charging network altogether
  • Next possible Top pickThe Ora Cat 01 – driving reviews are still to come in. Charging won’t be as fast as we like and boot space is limited but this retro styled Chinese EV looks good inside and out, is set to be well equipped but pricing came in higher than hoped for at over £30k with an official WLTP range of around 260 miles. More news on the one soon. In the meantime see it here as Ora has helpfully stuck the press preview videos here
  • Top used pick for space Skoda Enyaq iV 60 – this version if not currently available to order in UK but should return. The Skoda is a great car & while this model doesn’t have the range of the “80” models it still manages an EVDB range of 205 miles
    Essential extras – 125kW DC charging speed is now standard across the range but if buying second hand we would avoid any cars with the original standard 50kW charging which will be very slow. The pack with a reversing camera should also be on the list. Beware the Enyaq options list! It is long and can take the Enyaq into aother price point from where you started!
  • EVDB range 205 miles/ 10-80% charge 33mins with 100kW charging option

£35,000 to £40,000

What to expect
More space and faster charging or range

  • Top Pick – Renault Megane E-tech EV60
    Prices came in higher than expected at over £35k but it promises to be a class leader although smaller and less spacious the the also new Niro Electric.
    Why? Well it looks great inside and out, It’s relatively light at 1.7 tons, has great google powers tech and initial reports are that it should be very efficient which we like. Range on the 40kWh version a little low though
    EVDB range 225 miles/ 10-80% charge 29mins
  • Ex pick Skoda Enyaq iV 60 / Enyaq Coupe 60 – The Enyaq comes in this smaller 58kWh battery version in both Crossover and Crossover Coupe form. It is an excellent car which stands out with an attractive interior (especially the optional tan leather) and a bigger more practical boot for families. DC charging is now quicker at 130kW and it comes as standard ( it used to only be 50kW as standard!)Extras might take you over £40k though. April 25th 2022 update – Skoda has announced the 60 models can temporarily no longer be ordered in UK but says they should be back once production catches up with orders
    EVDB range 205 miles/ 10-80% charge 30mins
  • Recommended Volkswagen ID.3 Pro – VW’s Golf sized electric hatch is spacious, good to drive and modern. In this spec with a 58kW battery you get an EVDB range of 215 miles for about the same price as the superminis below. Better value than higher spec ID.3s where the interior quality struggles a little to match rivals. Discounts are sometimes available.
    EVDB range 215 miles/ 10-80% charge 30mins

£40,000 to £50,000

What to expect
The Tesla Model 3 and probably the best other EV’s on sale today are in this price range in long range form, sometimes AWD and sometime rear wheel drive.

Teslas – a buyers guide

  • Some of the best EV’s on sale today are in the £40,000 to £50,000 price bracket including the Uk and worlds best selling EV, the Tesla Model 3.

    When you compare a Tesla with any other EV there are a few things you need to know.
  • You order online
  • almost everything is standard and the same in all versions there are no discounts
    Literally the options are
  • Version – The Rear wheel drive “Model 3” and Dual motor “Long Range” or “Performance” models
  • Outside colour -White paint as standard other colours £1,100 more except red which is £2,100
  • Interior colour Black is standard with white as an option for £1,100
  • Wheels – Efficient aero wheels are standard, less efficient alloys are £1,100
    Other than that everything is included. Netflix? Heat pump? Really fast charging? Access to Superchargers? Climate control? Panoramic sunroof? twin wireless phone chargers, good Hifi, Spotify? hands free etc.etc
    Some features may need an extra payment on the standard range PLUS but on the Dual Motor Long Range it’s all there. The only other options relate to enhanced autopilot and Full Self driving which you can purchase after you have the car if you want to although prices may rise.

    This means 2 things.
    1 a car ordered from stock is much more likely to be exactly what you might have custom ordered anyway but arrives quicker
    2 Always check the price of a Tesla with options against any other EV including either the same options or the ones you would order. Overall you may find a Tesla works out the same price as an alternative up to £10k cheaper with tempting a options catalogue.
  • Top Pick The Tesla Model 3 RWD now called Model 3
    The standard model is also now a top pick. Why? Well this version now has different battery chemistry. The result is it is slower than the previous “standard range plus” models but has a useful amount of extra range – a WLTP 305 miles. The other differences are a worse effect on range & charging when batteries are cold but.. these batteries can be charged to 100% on a daily basis so range is now much closer to the dual motor cars. Driven efficiently you could even match them and a summer range of 280 miles should be achievable. On the minus side the base Tesla is now up to £48k after several increases.
    Standard Model 3 RWD EVDB range 235 miles/ 10-80% charge 30mins
  • Top Pick Hyundai IONIQ 5 Standard Range 2WD might only have an IVDB range of 195 miles the stunning spacious new Ioniq does benefit from superfast 175kW charging meaning as faster chargers become more available you’ll barely have time to stop for a coffee. In only 18 minutes the the car can charge from 10% to 80% with a 450 miles per hour charge speed that is more than twice as quick as the Kona and E-Niro on the right charger. A succession of price increases and upgrades for the 2023 Model year means the range effectively starts at £40k now.
    EVDB range 195 miles/ 10-80% charge 18mins
  • Top pick Hyundai IONIQ 5 Long range– this Ioniq 5 is probably the sweet spot of the range. A bigger battery gives longer range but this Ioniq still charges in 18 mins. 150kW+ fast chargers are being rolled out now so this EV will get faster and faster over time as the chargers catch up with it. It also has bags of cabin space (though less in the shallow boot) an amazing interior and can even have front seats that fold flat and act as a power supply with a 3 pin plug! There is a faster 4WD version but reviews suggest it’s less in keeping with the car.
    EVDB range 240 miles/ 10-80% charge 18mins
  • Top Pick Kia EV6 Long Range 2WD – Sibling of the Ioniq 5 so with the same quick charging but a slightly bigger battery and a very different more sporty but equally stunning looks and styling. You will not believe this is a Kia, it really looks like an iPace competitor. Like the Ioniq it also allows you to charge appliances on a 3 pin socket on some specs. What Car? just made it their 2022 new car of the year so their video review will tell you why. Remember if you want a usable frunk at under the bonnet ( and more range for less money) get the rear wheel drive versions, not all wheel drive. The Car Wow video compares the EV6 with the Hyundai Ioniq 5
    EVDB range 260 miles/ 10-80% charge 18mins
  • Top pick – Audi Q4 e-tron 40 The new Audi benefits from being the newest of the ID.4 and Enyaq siblings. It looks good and is polished and very Audi but still delivers everything a family would want including a big boot. It’s not exceptional is a very good all rounder. charge time is slowest of our top picks.
    EVDB range 250 miles/ 10-80% charge 34mins
Skoda Enyaq
  • Top Pick Skoda Enyaq iV 80/ Coupe 80
    Luckily the Enyaq is good enough to stretch into this price point thanks to a 77kWh battery that increases the estimated EVDB range to 260 miles. Its a stylish comfortable family car with a softer ride than most and a big practical boot. It’s also reasonably efficient – just a shame the more affordable smaller battery “60” models are not available to order in UK at the moment.
    EVDB range 260 miles/ 10-80% charge 33
  • Worth considering – Polestar 2 Long Range Dual Motor. Reviewers gave the Polestar a big thumbs up when it arrived as a Model 3 rival. In reality it’s a good car but a just bit less good than a Model 3 at everything. It weighs a bit more, is a bit slower, travels a lot less on a charge, takes longer to charge etc. However it looks good and for someone who prefers its design aesthetic its a perfectly smart choice. However if you have the cash and don’t want a Tesla Model 3, the BMW i4 is a much better all rounder
  • Worth Considering – Volvo XC40 / C40 Recharge – a very expensive pure electric variant of the petrol and hybrid XC40. They aren’t especially spacious or efficient and therefore range is disappointing much like the Polestar 2.One plus though is the “Care by Volvo” scheme – effectively a lease with zero deposit and 3 month cancellation. Key issue is if you are in a hurry the Volvo’s via this scheme may have much faster delivery times.. possibly as low as one month with luck
  • Worth Considering – Ford Mustang Mach e RWD Extended Range – Many reviewers have liked the Mustang Mach e ( there are no Ford badges on the car!). It’s a decent first EV but the Mach e has also illustrates the value and technology lead Tesla has. Despite having nearly a 100kWh battery even the RWD drive Mach-e can’t match the range of a 74kWh Model 3. It’s also slower and heavier and more expensive and has less space. The extra weight has apparently badly affected the ride quality and despite the firm set up it failed the “moose test” at a much lower speed than other comparable cars.
    EVDB range 260 miles/ 10-80% charge 43 mins
  • Hold off for now – Nissan Ariya – attractive new Nissan SUV from Nissan arriving soon. Ride quality seems to be very firm… similar to Tesla Model Y. Trouble is the prices are bonkers so we would wait till they figure that out. The base model costs about the same as Model 3 RWD, Skoda Enyaq 80 and Hyundai Ioniq 5 Long Range but offers 224 miles WLTP range compared to 300, 332 and 280 miles of it’s competition. It even looks expensive next to an Audi Q4 e-tron higher up the range.

£50,000 to £60,000

What to expect
Basically this price point offers the Top Picks like the Audi Q4 Ioniq 5 and EV6 in faster all wheel drive format along with the Tesla Model Y and BMW i4

  • Top Pick Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor Long range – The model 3 is the world’s and the UK’s best selling EV. All are great but the sweet spot of the Model 3 long range which has it all. Long range, very fast acceleration, good value reliable fast charging on the Supercharger network, great tech, safety, passenger and boot space in a car that will happily ease through traffic or be an effective grand tourer in the UK or Europe. Oh and this mid spec car does 0-60 in around 4.2 seconds – and once you have it a software update is available if you want to be quicker! That said the standard range offers almost the same for a big price saving.
  • Long Range dual motor EVDB range 280 miles/ 10-80% charge 29mins
  • Top Pick -Tesla Model Y Long Range is like a slightly bigger taller more spacious Model 3. It is efficient and offers all the advantages of a model 3 in a more practical family friendly format. It is now available to order with deliveries “in early 2022”. Spacious, fast with great tech and supercharging. If you can wait a bit though current made in China models have rather a harsh ride especially on rough UK roads and the “made in Berlin” cars may lose a little weight and gain a bit of range when they become available. Will the Berlin cars ride better? We don’t know but Tesla are getting the same feedback from many reviews.
    EVDB range 265 miles/ 10-80% charge 25mins
    Top PickBMW i4 eDrive40 – Based on a 4 series combustion petrol coupe it nevertheless has managed to come out great. It is closish to matching Tesla Model 3 acceleration (but feels slower because of the delayed throttle response) and beats the Tesla on ride and handling despite carrying a lot of extra pounds. Is the i4 better than a Model 3? Click here. Efficiency is still in question however and early tests in cold weather suggest it won’t be anything like as efficient as a Model 3. Closer to a Polestar 2 (which also weighs 2.2 tons). No frunk but it does, like the Polestar 2, offer the practicality of a hatchback. Where it falls down is it doesn’t at the moment have access to the Supercharger network (the BMW just gets BP Pulse & Ionity!) and price. Not only are the i4s more expensive to buy they miss standard equipment you may want like wireless phone chargers. BMW will add thousands to the standard spec price for options that are included on the Tesla Model 3.
    EVDB range 295 miles/ 10-80% charge 30mins

£60,000 to £70,000

What to expect
Not really a lot at the moment! Many of the cars in the range were launched some time ago and have worse specs than cars in the classes below. The Mercedes EQE saloon should get a top pick when it arrives

  • Top Pick – Tesla Model 3 Performance
    All the advantages of a Model 3 with supercar rivalling acceleration. Very few piston cars are as quick as this Model 3 and even most electric Porsche Tayan’s won’t catch it in a straight line. To match the £60,000 Tesla you’d have to hand over £115,000 to Porsche for a Taycan Turbo. To beat it’s 0-60 time by 0.5 seconds you’d need a £138,000 Turbo S. Of course the Taycan should be faster from A to B.. until it needs to charge.
  • Worth a look – BMW iX3 – The portents were not great. Based on the X3 petrol and diesel model, the iX3 arrived when the car had already been on sale for years. Range is also so so. Look beyond the dull exterior though and the BMW handles well, is refined and quiet. Also by making the car rear wheel drive only the efficiency is better than you might expect. It’s also spacious in the cabin and the boot. While the iPace might play to your heart the BMW will make long trips a lot easier than the Jag with a decent charging speeds of up to 155kW to charge the 72kWh usable battery
  • EVDB range 240 miles/ 10-80% charge 31mins
  • Worth a look – Jaguar iPace We love the iPace for its design inside and out and its handling and performance. Why only worth a look? Well it’s simply we don’t see it as having the right balance of range and charge time. Basically in an hour an iPace can add 220 miles of range. By comparison the much cheaper but same size Kia EV6 can add 590 miles an hour while a Tesla Model 3 long range adds 400 miles (all from EVDB). We actually think these numbers flatter the iPace a little. Compared the iX3 the Jaguar has a bigger 87.7kWh usable battery but delivers less range and only charges at 104kW. The sooner Jaguar get the charging up to 175kW or better the sooner this beautiful car can get back in the game. Till then an iPace is the an ultimately frustrating combination – a car designed for long journeys that can’t do long journeys! It also has relatively short range between charges because it isn’t very efficient.
  • EVDB range 235 miles/ 10-80% charge 44mins

£70,000 or more

What to expect
At the moment the Tesla Model S & Model X are still waiting for updated Models to reach UK

  • Top Pick Tesla Model S long Range – when it becomes available again the Model S will be a top pick. It has a massive amount of space for passengers and luggage, is efficient and has enormous range along with the Tesla Supercharger network. The long range accelerates 0-62mph in 3.3 seconds while the range topping plaid cuts that to 2.1 which is faster than just about every piston road car ever made.
    EVDB range 345 miles/ 10-80% charge 28mins
  • Top Pick Porsche Taycan Plus/ Porsche Taycan 4 Cross Turismo. The Porsche Taycan is probably the best drivers EV on the planet with a fab interior. It spans a price point roughly from £70k to £140k but we think this pair priced at £75-80k are the sweetspot. While these versions are still over 5 seconds 0-62 they are likely to cover long trips more easily because they get the expanded battery pack and use less power than the faster models. There is a surprisingly small boot in the Taycan so the extra practicality of the Cross Turismo estate shape could be worth the hit in range.
    Taycan PLUS EVDB range 285 miles/ 10-80% charge 19mins
    Taycan 4 Cross Turismo EVDB range 250 miles/ 10-80% charge 19mins
  • Top pick Mercedes EQS 450+ – Mercedes waited a long time to produce a decent EV. Until now they have been conversions of petrol and diesel cars. By contrast the EQS and forthcoming cheaper EQE are built ground up to be EV only. A fabulous modern luxurious interior, excellent ride and a whopping EVDB range and quick charging give the EQS a ticket into our top picks. We also should point out the whole point of a Mercedes S class is to be a luxurious, spacious, refined, quiet long distance cruiser. By swapping from combustion to a silent electric drivetrain the EQS renders the piston S classes redundant in our view and should now be the default “S”
    EVDB range 395 miles/ 10-80% charge 31mins
  • Top pick – The BMW iX xdrive 50 – It is hideous from almost every angle and way too big but if you take the view that the best protection against this is sitting inside it.. well reports are it drives very very well. Range on the 50 is just about ok thanks to an enormous 111 kWh battery but may struggle to beat a base RWD Tesla Model 3 in the real world. The price is around a 2.6 ton unladen weight – obscene but still less than a new Range Rover burning petrol. Video review & range test of Audi e-tron v Mercedes EQC v BMW iX 50
    EVDB range 330 miles/ 10-80% charge 34mins
  • Worth a lookAudi e-tron 55 – Like the i-Pace the Audi has been thoroughly outclassed by new Models including the Q4 e-tron. That said you may get some spectacular discounts off the absurd £70k+ price tag. These cars are very inefficient so don’t look at the smaller battery 50 version. The 55 has 2 tricks up its sleeve compared to an i-Pace. The charging is much faster – 155kW and that is even better than it sounds as it keeps that speed high till nearly all of the charge. This means on a fast enough charger it will often match or beat charge times of Teslas with a faster peak speed. Video review & range test of Audi e-tron v Mercedes EQC v BMW iX 50
    EVDB range 225 miles/ 10-80% charge 26mins
Porsche Taycan

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