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Best Electric cars in every price range

Define Best?

Our recommendations all deliver

  • Decent real world range in their price point. We use EVDB estimates that are more realistic than official WLTP range
  • Quick charging speeds ( we use the 10% to 80% charge times predicted by EVDB)

Under £20,000

There really is only one new EV that has a list price under this threshold at the moment but we wouldn’t recommend the Smart fortwo coupe even when it is heavily discounted.

From next year the cheapest EV (technically not a car) will be the Citroen Ami which should sell for under £6,000 when it launches in UK next year. It is more an urban alternative to a bike or a scooter with a tops speed of 28mph and a range of around 40 miles.

In the meantime there are an increasing number of used EV’s especially Nissan Leaf’s and Renault Zoe’s. These should be reliable but short range and many older Zoe’s are saddled with expensive battery lease payments. Although Renault will cover battery replacement when needed this only really matters when over 7 years old as pretty much all EV’s have a standard 7 or 8 year battery warranty anyway.


  • For a more affordable route into EVs just do the same as on a regular car and look at leasing or PCP deals. Just looking at comparison site LeaseLoco we found personal 3 yr leases with less than £2,000 deposit for under £200 a month including VAT for a
  • VW e-Up! Good small car car now rarely available & getting old
  • Fiat 500e with 24kWh or 42kWh battery – Our top pick see below
  • Renault Zoe – decent range on some models but very slow AC charging & expensive optional DC charging still not quick as standard
  • Mini Electric – Great to drive.. its a Mini but they really skimped on batteries so it’s an urban city car not much good for trips

Under £20,000 to £25,000

What to expect

  • Top pick
    Fiat 500e 42kWh battery. Lovely design inside and out and good range on bigger battery and quick charges on all versions. Not much rear room! If you just want a commuter second car the 24kWh version starts at around £20k.
    EVDB range 42kWh version 155 miles/ 10-80% charge 25mins / 24kWh version only 100 miles range but still 24 min charge time
  • This price range doesn’t add much beyond the excellent Fiat 500e . Don’t forget though that some of the more mainstream EV’s in the next price bracket get special offers, discounts and finance deals that fall into this space.

£25,000 to £30,000

What to expect
200 miles official range and charging in 30 to 40 mins

Our Top recommendations are:

  • Top pick
    Volkswagen ID.3 Pro – VW’s Golf sized electric hatch is spacious, good to drive and modern. In this spec with a 58kW battery you get an EVDB range of 215 miles for about the same price as the superminis below. Better value than higher spec ID.3s where the interior quality struggles a little to match rivals. Discounts are sometimes available.
    EVDB range 215 miles/ 10-80% charge 30mins
  • Superminis Vauxhall Corsa e and Peugeot e-208 offering 100kW charging on a 50kW battery alowing for quick charging. Both are good if not amazing. Do look out for discounts, finance offers and lease deals that offer better value than outright purchase.
    Both cars have EVDB range 170 miles/ 10-80% charge 31mins
  • Spacious family cars – The MG ZS SUV and MG5 estates offer good value well equipped family EV’s. The ZS EV is a little more desirable but with less range whereas the MG5 goes a little further and is a very capable all rounder. It is worth noting for an extra £1,500 MG now offer a long range version taking the EVDB range up to 210 miles.
    ZS EV EVDB range 135 miles/ 10-80% charge 35mins
    MG5 estate EVDB range 180 miles/ 10-80% charge 36mins
    Update! As soon as we published this MG announced a major update of the ZS. Prices tba. The range figures in the tweet are probably WLTP so assume around 220 miles EVDB for now

£30,000 to £35,000

What to expect
More space closer to £30,000 and much more range closer to £35,000

Skoda Enyaq
  • Top pick for space
    Skoda Enyaq iV 60 – the Skoda is a great car & while this model doesn’t have the range of the “80” models it still manages an EVDB range of 205 miles and is around £8k cheaper as it still qualifies for an UK Government grant.
    Essential extras – DC charger upgrade from 50kW to 100kW otherwise charging will be very slow. the pack with a reversing camera should also be on the list. Beware the Enyaq options list! It is long and can take the Enyaq into aother price point from where you started!
    EVDB range 205 miles/ 10-80% charge 33mins with 100kW charging option
  • Top Pick for range
    The Kia e-Niro and Hyundai Kona 64 kW models were squeezed down in price and offer EVDB range of 230 and 245 miles respectively and owners claim to often get over 260. While the Kona gets more range the e-Niro makes an excellent family car. Not new but still great. Charge times around 45 mins are not as quick as we like but adding 220 miles in a hour is still decent
    Kona EVDB range 245 miles/ 10-80% charge 44mins
    e_Niro EVDB range 230 miles/ 10-80% charge 44mins
  • Citroen e-C4 – Working on the same running gear as the Peugeot e-208 we would take a look at the Citroen e-C4 which majors on having a smooth comfortable ride. Most electric cars prioritise handling over comfort so Citroen really is offering something unique that pairs well with a silent electric drivetrain.
    EVDB range 155 miles/ 10-80% charge 31mins
Citroen e-C4

UK Government grant take £2,500 off the price for Electric cars costing under £35,000
Top tip – ordering extras doesn’t affect the grant so you don’t have to hold back on the spec on a qualifying car

£35,000 to £40,000

What to expect
More space and faster charging or range

  • Hyundai IONIQ 5 Standard Range 2WD might only have an IVDB range of 195 miles the stunning spacious new Ioniq does benefit from superfast 175kW charging meaning as faster chargers become more available you’ll barely have time to stop for a coffee. In only 18 minutes the the car can charge from 10% to 80% with a 450 miles per hour charge speed that is more than twice as quick as the Kona and E-Niro on the right charger
    EVDB range 215 miles/ 10-80% charge 30mins
  • Skoda Enyaq iV 80 – You might still need to pay to upgrade from 50kW to 125kW DC charging (which offers a 10% to 80% charge in 34 mins) but the 77kWh battery in this version gives you an EVDB range of 260 miles making this a spacious family SUV with a big boot & a classy interior that ticks all the boxes. Extras might take you over £40k though
    EVDB range 215 miles/ 10-80% charge 30mins

£40,000 to £50,000

What to expect
The Tesla Model 3 and probably the best other EV’s on sale today are in this price range in long range form, sometimes AWD and sometime rear wheel drive.

Teslas – a buyers guide

  • Some of the best EV’s on sale today are in the £40,000 to £50,000 price bracket including the worlds best selling EV, The Tesla Model 3 and soon the Tesla Model Y crossover as well.

    When you compare a Tesla with any other EV there are a few things you need to know.
  • You order online
  • almost everything is standard and the same in all versions
  • there are no discounts but if you order via a referral link at the top of this page you get 1,000 miles of free Tesla Supercharging
    Literally the options are
  • Version – The Rear wheel drive “standard range plus” and Dual motor “Long Range” or “Performance” models
  • Outside colour -White paint as standard other colours £1,100 more except red which is £2,100
  • Interior colour Black is standard with white as an option for £1,100
  • Wheels – Efficient aero wheels are standard, less efficient alloys are £1,100
    Other than that everything is included. Netflix? Heat pump? Really fast charging? Access to Superchargers? Climate control? Panoramic sunroof? twin wireless phone chargers, good Hifi, Spotify? hands free etc.etc
    Some features may need an extra payment on the standard range PLUS but on the Dual Motor Long Range it’s all there. The only other options relate to enhanced autopilot and Full Self driving which you can purchase after you have the car if you want to although prices may rise.

    This means 2 things.
    1 a car ordered from stock is much more likely to be exactly what you might have custom ordered anyway but arrives quicker
    2 Always check the price of a Tesla with options against any other EV including either the same options or the ones you would order. Overall you may find a Tesla works out the same price as an alternative up to £10k cheaper with tempting a options catalogue.
  • Top Pick
    Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor Long range – The model 3 is the world’s and the UK’s best selling EV. All are great but the sweet spot of the Model 3 long range which has it all. Long range, very fast acceleration, good value reliable fast charging on the Supercharger network, great tech, safety, passenger and boot space in a car that will happily ease through traffic or be an effective grand tourer in the UK or Europe. Oh and this mid spec car does 0-60 in around 4.2 seconds – and once you have it a software update is available if you want to be quicker! That said the standard range offers almost the same for a big price saving.
    Standard range Plus RWD EVDB range 215 miles/ 10-80% charge 30mins
    Long Range dual motor EVDB range 280 miles/ 10-80% charge 29mins
  • Top Pick
    Top pick Hyundai IONIQ 5 Long range– Yes it’s back with probably the sweet spot of the range. A bigger battery gives longer range but this Ioniq still charges in 18 mins. 150kW+ fast chargers are being rolled out now so this EV will get faster and faster over time as the chargers catch up with it. It also has bags of cabin space (though less in the boot) an amazing interior and can even have front seats that fold flat and act as a power supply with a 3 pin plug! There is a faster 4WD version but reviews suggest it’s less in keeping with the car.
    EVDB range 240 miles/ 10-80% charge 18mins
  • Top Pick Kia EV6 Long Range 2WD – Sibling of the Ioniq 5 so with the same quick charging but a slightly bigger battery and a very different more sporty but equally stunning looks and styling. You will not believe this is a Kia, it really looks like an iPace competitor. Like the Ioniq it also allows you to charge appliances on a 3 pin socket on some specs.
    EVDB range 260 miles/ 10-80% charge 18mins
  • Top pick – Audi Q4 e-tron 40 The new Audi benefits from being the newest of the ID.4 and Enyaq siblings. It looks good and is polished and very Audi but still delivers everything a family would want including a big boot. It’s not exceptional is a very good all rounder. charge time is slowest of our top picks.
    EVDB range 250 miles/ 10-80% charge 34mins
  • Top Pick – Polestar 2 Long Range Dual Motor. Reviewers gave the Polestar a big thumbs up when it arrived as a Model 3 rival. In reality it’s a good car but a just bit less good than a Model 3 at everything. It weighs a bit more, is a bit slower, travels a bit less on a charge, takes longer to charge etc. However it looks great and for someone who prefers its design aesthetic its a perfectly smart choice.

£50,000 to £60,000

What to expect
Not a lot really! Basically this price point offers the Top Picks like the Audi Q4 Ioniq 5 and EV6 in faster all wheel drive format.
Top Pick – Tesla Model 3 Performance
All the advantages of a Model 3 with supercar rivalling acceleration. Very few piston cars are as quick as this Model 3 and even most electric Porsche Tayan’s won’t catch it in a straight line. To match the £60,000 Tesla you’d have to hand over £115,000 to Porsche for a Taycan Turbo. To beat it’s 0-60 time by 0.5 seconds you’d need a £138,000 Turbo S. Of course the Taycan should be faster from A to B.. until it needs to charge.

Other than that there cars that will be in this space soon.
Top Pick -Tesla Model Y Long Range is like a slightly bigger taller more spacious Model 3. It is efficient and offers all the advantages of a model 3 in a more practical family friendly format. It is now available to order with deliveries “in early 2022”. Spacious, fast with great tech and supercharging. If you can wait a bit though current made in China models have rather a harsh ride especially on rough UK roads and the “made in Berlin” cars may lose a little weight and gain a bit of range when they become available. Will the Berlin cars ride better? We don’t know but Tesla are getting the same feedback from many reviews.
EVDB range 265 miles/ 10-80% charge 25mins
BMW i4 eDrive40 – We will update when reviews start to come out for this BMW. Based on a 4 series petrol coupe it nevertheless looks like top pick material. EV hope it will deliver a 295 mile range. While it won’t be a quick to accelerate or charge as a Tesla Model 3 it does have a bigger battery to offer more range and while it won’t offer a frunk it will, like the Polestar 2, offer the practicality of a hatchback. It should handle well and if the price is set right could be a sales hit.
EVDB range 295 miles/ 10-80% charge 30mins

£60,000 to £70,000

What to expect
Not really a lot at the moment! Many of the cars in the range were launched some time ago and have worse specs than cars in the classes below. The Mercedes EQE saloon should get a top pick when it arrives.

Worth a look – Jaguar iPace We love the iPace for it’s design inside and out and its handling and performance. Why only worth a look? Well it’s simply we don’t see it as having the right balance of range and charge time. Basically in an hour an iPace can add 220 miles of range. By comparison the much cheaper but same size Kia EV6 can add 590 miles an hour while a Tesla Model 3 long range adds 400 miles (all from EVDB). We actually think these numbers flatter the iPace a little. The sooner Jaguar can upgrade from 104kW to 175 or 200kW the sooner their beautiful car can get back in the game.
EVDB range 235 miles/ 10-80% charge 44mins

£70,000 or more

What to expect
At the moment the Tesla Model S & Model X are still waiting for updated Models to reach UK

  • Top Pick Tesla Model S long Range – when it becomes available again the Model S will be a top pick. It has a massive amount of space for passengers and luggage, is efficient and has enormous range along with the Tesla Supercharger network. The long range accelerates 0-62mph in 3.3 seconds while the range topping plaid cuts that to 2.1 which is faster than just about every piston road car ever made.
    EVDB range 345 miles/ 10-80% charge 28mins
  • Top Pick Porsche Taycan Plus/ Porsche Taycan 4 Cross Turismo. The Porsche Taycan is probably the best drivers EV on the planet with a fab interior. It spans a price point roughly from £70k to £140k but we think this pair priced at £75-80k are the sweetspot. While these versions are still over 5 seconds 0-62 they are likely to cover long trips more easily because they get the expanded battery pack and use less power than the faster models. There is a surprisingly small boot in the Taycan so the extra practicality of the Cross Turismo estate shape could be worth the hit in range.
    Taycan PLUS EVDB range 285 miles/ 10-80% charge 19mins
    Taycan 4 Cross Turismo EVDB range 250 miles/ 10-80% charge 19mins
  • Top pick Mercedes EQS 450+ – Mercedes waited a long time to produce a decent EV. Until now they have been conversions of petrol and diesel cars. By contrast the EQS and forthcoming cheaper EQE are built ground up to be EV only. While full tests are still to be done, a whopping EVDB range and quick charging give the EQS a ticket into our top picks. We also should point out the whole point of a Mercedes S class is to be a luxurious, spacious, refined, quiet long distance cruiser. By swapping from combustion to a silent electric drivetrain the EQS renders the piston S classes redundant in our view and should now be the default “S”
    EVDB range 395 miles/ 10-80% charge 31mins
Porsche Taycan

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