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Clean Air zone Reports

Clean Air Zone Framework
Principles for setting up Clean Air Zones in England

May 2017

This report lays out the standard types of clean air zones in the UK including ULEZ, CAZ or LEZ. There are rules around where they can be implemented and 4 basic types

  • Class A – Bus; coach; taxi and private hire
  • Class B – Bus; coach; Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV); taxi and private hire
  • Class C – Bus; coach; HGV; large van; minibus; small van/light commercial; taxi and private hire
  • Class D – Bus; coach; HGV; large van; minibus; small van/light commercial; cars, taxis and private hire

Class D includes the new London ULEZ and forthcoming Birmingham clean air zone. Bath looked at class D but in the end went for class C. In Scotland Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Dundee look set to adopt class D, while Glasgow went for a class A zone limited to some buses only until 2022 when it should become a class D.

Whichever class is chosen, Euro 4 petrol (approx. 2006) vehicles or a Euro 6 diesel (approx. 2015) vehicles would not be charged, nor would electric or hydrogen powered vehicles.

Urban Access Regulations in Europe

Restrictions on vehicle access In Europe by country then town or city. Includes clean air zones.

Richmond Upon Thames car free zone plans

May 2019

These initial plans run through options for reallocating road space in Richmond town centre between cyclists, buses, pedestrians and all other traffic.

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