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Smaller family SUVs & Estates – the stars and the rest

This segment is equivalent to piston cars like a VW Polo or Ford Fiesta or Nissan Juke

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What makes a star EV for MyUrbanCar?

Our stars are not just great cars in their own right, they should be able to fit into your life & manage a range of supposed EV challenges like a weekend away or visiting friends in Inverness.
This means our star cars:

  • Are efficient – so they cost less to run & are quicker to charge
  • have good range- so you can do more trips without needing to charge. We look at official WLTP range and the more realistic estimates from EV-Database (EVDB)
  • can DC charge quickly when needed – So you can do long journeys. To keep charging stops at half an our on less we’re looking for EVs with DC charging speeds of double the battery size or faster.
  • we also consider the key feedback we here from motoring press, other EV evangelists and YouTubers.

Instead of picking 2 star cars in this segment we have picked 2 carmakers who offer a range of EVs on different cars with distinct star attributes


  • A good value practical attractive 5 seat small family SUV
  • Priced around £25,000✅
  • Trade estimates are the MG will suffer heavier depreciation❌
  • Prices have gone up since launch and grant has been reduced❌
  • 163 mile WLTP range off a 42kWh battery / EVDB range 135 miles which is just adequate
  • Rapid charging – officially 50kW speed on a DC charger but some owners have been getting much quicker.. up to 74kW giving a 10-80% charge in around 35 mins✅
  • Fairly well equipped as standard inc Android auto and Apple carplay on all models and a big glass roof on “exclusive” trims✅
  • SUV shape means getting in and out is easier if you’re older or have younger children✅
  • some owners find the charge flap a little fiddly❌
  • not much rear passenger space for adults❌
  • A VW ID.3 currently starts at around £28,000 but a future version with the smallest battery should be available for a similar price (although with more optional extras!)❌
    AutoExpress review here

MG 5 EVValue star – spacious small family stars –

  • Yes it’s not an SUV but this is the only spacious all electric estate alternative✅
  • Priced from £25,000 or around £26,500 for the long range model w✅
  • comes with a bigger 52.5kWh battery of which 48.8kWh is usable or a long range with 57kWh usable✅
  • offers 214 mile WLTP range or 175 mile EVDB range or 210 EVDB range for the long range✅
  • 0-62 mph in a swift 7.7 seconds✅
  • MG officially says charging is 50kW taking around 50 minutes but if you do find a faster DC charger several sources including EVDB claims it the MG5 will manage an 80kW fast charge speed delivering a 10-80% charge in 36 mins✅
  • Looks could be more contemporary and less “I’m your Uber”❌
  • Get past that and it’s a cracking no frills EV for for the money

Carbuyer Review

Citroen e-C4 – Comfort star! Small family SUV

Peugeot, Citroen, Vauxhall (Opel) are now owned by a group called Stellantis. These 3 brands share the same platform amongst a bunch of electric vehicles including superminis like the Vauxhall Corsa and even the Vivaro electric van. Luckily despite not being designed purely at EV’s the tech is good.

Our star here, the Citroen e-C4 shares the same EV tech as the Peugeot 2008, Vauxhall Mokka e and DS 3 Crossback e-Tense including

  • 50 kW/h battery✅
  • 100kW charging speeds✅

So why do we recommend the e-C4 above the others? Well while it’s siblings have gone for firmer suspension Citroen have gone all out for comfortable ride. No reviews suggest the drive will thrill … but the combination of quiet smooth acceleration and a ride that one reviewer compared to a BMW 7 series limo gives you something very different for your money. Despite being a comfortable it won’t lean at absurd angles like Citroen’s of old.. because the batteries are under the passenger cabin keeping the weight down low

  • 0-62 in 9.7 seconds✅
  • official WLTP 217 miles /EVDB range 155 miles✅
  • charge speed is double the battery size so most chargers will be 30 mins or less✅
  • It’s well equipped with a quality interior (yes on a Citroen!)✅
  • List price (from £29,180 at the time of writing) is on the high side but do your homework on buying sites and discounts should be available (as on most EV’s except Tesla and Porsche)❌

Siblings with the same winning tech as the Citroen e-C4

In reality the Peugeot Citroen Vauxhall offerings are quite compelling in this class. Before you choose any over the other do remember to check what discounts and offers are available including price, free home chargers and even free power to charge your car. Also bear in mind when we do our hatchbacks review the VW ID.3 is now available from around £28,000 as long as you’re not tempted by the options list.

Peugeot 2008

  • Attractive Crossover✅
  • careful the small steering wheel is something you like❌
  • WLTP range is 206 miles while EVDB range is 155 miles

Vauxhall Mokka-e

  • Attractive Crossover✅
  • WLTP range is 200 miles while EVDB range is 155 miles

DS 3 Crossback e-Tense

  • Quirky Crossover with “distinctive” interior and exterior✅
  • DS is the brand meant to help Citroen compete with German luxury brands❌
  • Comfortable seats✅
  • Ride a bit firm on poor roads
  • WLTP range is 199 miles while EVDB range is 155 miles

For more range from the same Electric car setup?

Don’t forget SUVs aren’t as efficient and are usually heavier. So if want the same battery and motors to take your car further and faster then the hatchback e-208 and Vauxhall Corsa-e. Both will give you an WLTP range is a little over 200 miles while EVDB reckon you’ll get 170miles. That also means less charging time on the same trip!

David Nicholson

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