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July 2021 UK SMMT stats
EV 9% / 8.2% YTD actually good as Tesla was out of stock with only 143 sales (between delivery boats)
EV sales YTD 85k (39k)
Hybrid 11.9% / 8.4% YTD
PHEV 8% / 6.6%
Diesel inc MHEV💨 is collapsing👍
July 21 12.6% (19.9%) / YTD 16.7% (21.2%)

Interesting electric v petrol real-life test: Audi RS e-tron GT v motorbike up the Wrynose & Hardknott Passes in the Lake District on the hottest day of the year. One won, one broke. @AudiUK @GavinWard @EVAEOfficial @rightcharge @myenergiuk

They have inspired us, played their part in taking us to the final and stepped up when their country needed them most. They deserve our admiration not hate. We proudly stand with these brave lions.

#SayNoToRacism #HopeUnited

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