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🇬🇧 Car sales figures for March 2021

EV 7.7% / Q1 2021 7.5%

Diesel share still 19% but nearly half (43%) of cars burning the stinky fuel now come with an MHEV starter motor making the headline 10.8% diesel share increasingly meaningless

Plugin sales march 13.8% / Q1 13.8%

If you want a better look at this very very promising new EV before deliveries begin in Oct 2021 then Kia have a top notch 3D visualiser with all the colour & wheel options
If you don’t pick at GT version there’s a much bigger choice👍

Further details about the upcoming second-generation @renault_uk Kangoo Z.E. electric van have been unveiled, including an innovative new pillarless sliding-door system ⚡️

All the info here 👉

Vauxhall CUT prices on electric Mokka-e to maintain PiCG eligibility #VauxhallMokkaE #ElectricCars

Why does it matter so much that EVs are efficient?
In this video pair we look at what happens if you build an EV that is much more or much less efficient than a Tesla Model 3?
#EV #electriccar #aptera

Trying to work out which are the 10 BEST EVs that still qualify for the £2,500 Government plug-in grant?

We've had @GinnyBuckley sat in the boot of a car for the last 24 hours working through the maths so you don't have to.

You're welcome.

If you’re looking for an affordable second hand EV starting from £6,000 the Renault Zoe should be on your list but do watch this video by @Nickishields from @ElectrifyingCom who does a lovely job of guiding you through the labyrinth of #Zoe specs & pay 4ever battery leases

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